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Truth In Writing

What is your sin? Go ahead and confess it. Too real?... What if it was all put out on the table right here and now, for anyone to see? Why am I saying this? Well, my goal here is to... Continue Reading →


Exchanging Castles for Kingdoms

  Looking back to where you're leaving, it's a hard thing  to watch your old world fade into the horizon, watching your old life sink into time. You see, it’s a double-edged sword. It cuts on one side when you... Continue Reading →

One Year Later: Facing Church Hurt

The hardest part for us leaving was the fact that we just wanted to see that local assembly be bettered.

Cross My Heart

It is never my goal to offend… though not everyone may agree with that… I just figured it should be said in the beginning. This post is a heartcry, not just a generic “you know what really grinds my gears…”... Continue Reading →

The Grace Between Us

I find it easy in certain seasons to sit back and watch the world turn and do that thing that it will inevitably do; consume. I have seen it consume hearts, minds, families, marriages, finances, and so much more. I... Continue Reading →

Order of Life: Stacking Cups

So, what would happen if we flipped our faith on its head, and instead of living for God, we started living from God?

Espresso-ing My Opinion… God’s Word is Alive

For many, the Bible has become nothing more than a collectors set of epic fantasies; filled with heroes, villians, romance, betrayal, and the story of light versus dark. At best it is held in our hearts as a classic such... Continue Reading →

Living Without Fear

The fear of God has long been veiled in the secular world. Even worse, however, it has been all but forgotten in the church. Why is this? Why do we lack the fear that is necessary for keeping our head... Continue Reading →

Doctrine Matters, So Does Love

Share in love. If you think you have a revelation, then share it, don't try and push everyone away. Isolation and arrogance leads to cultism no matter if the doctrine is right or wrong. Indeed the first commandment of all... Continue Reading →

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