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Truth In Writing

What is your sin? Go ahead and confess it. Too real?... What if it was all put out on the table right here and now, for anyone to see? Why am I saying this? Well, my goal here is to... Continue Reading →


Exchanging Castles for Kingdoms

  Looking back to where you're leaving, it's a hard thing  to watch your old world fade into the horizon, watching your old life sink into time. You see, it’s a double-edged sword. It cuts on one side when you... Continue Reading →

One Year Later: Facing Church Hurt

The hardest part for us leaving was the fact that we just wanted to see that local assembly be bettered.

Living Without Fear

The fear of God has long been veiled in the secular world. Even worse, however, it has been all but forgotten in the church. Why is this? Why do we lack the fear that is necessary for keeping our head... Continue Reading →

Scrabble: God Edition

Today I found myself in a state of reflection on where I used to be and where God has taken me out of. I feel a lot of times we are afraid to look back on our past, we typically... Continue Reading →

The Movie Reel

*Fade in from black *Shot opens on a girl looking out a window as rain pours over it So many times we get caught up in the movie of life, rather then looking deeper into life and the meaning of... Continue Reading →

Sin is Our Sign

It's funny to think that at some point I will be done with my observation hours here in public high school. While I'm just about a quarter of the way through, I am both frightened and shamed in what I... Continue Reading →

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