What is your sin? Go ahead and confess it.

Too real?… What if it was all put out on the table right here and now, for anyone to see?

Why am I saying this? Well, my goal here is to parallel this with the importance of telling the truth. Secondly, I want to engrain it in our hearts why it is so detrimental to our Christian faith to write honestly.

It’s easy for us to turn a blind eye on our own sins, shortcomings, and failures. We all do it, and we ease the guilt with knowing that “All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.” That is part of the reason that sin can be looked at as a disease. It infiltrates the spirit and pulls apart the pieces of Godly living that we have left unguarded. We easily mask our truths with a variety of tools that can help us maintain our own pride and dignity.

There is a problem with truth in the church. We have taken the beautiful message of God’s love and plan for eternity, and either convoluted it with traditionalism, or watered it down to the point of destruction. It’s the equivalent of taking a piece of meat and pumping it full of chemicals to try and better it; at some point all you will be left with is a gelatinous blob. However, God’s plan is His Word, and it gives us instruction for living an abundant life. So many people have one of two views of the Bible; either it is old and antiquated, or it is a list of rules to dictate every action of our lives. I am going to throw something out there. What if we quit looking at the Bible as a 12 step program to living the successful Christian life; and started looking at it as a letter from a father to his children? How much more effective would we be in finding answers, and being equipped to share those answers with others.

Now, I have been one to both write and say my fair share of controversial things. However, in my years of writing, I have always kept one major resolution that I made to myself; and that is to write honestly. Not one blog have I written on here that isn’t me being truthful and honest. Even if they may hit some people the wrong way, or they may be seen as divisive or questionable, they are still true. The experiences I share and the questions that I raise, they all come from the heart.

I believe the church needs people to write truthfully. With what we face in our world and in our lives, we need boldness and authenticity now more than ever. People shouldn’t have to view a pastor or church leader as a god, or some all-powerful authority. Respect should be given abundantly, and their words should be taken to heart, but they still have the same deformity that we all suffer from; flesh. Any person who calls themselves a minister or a church leader that feels they are above correction or reproof, or just can’t take advice from someone who is “lesser”, has lost sight of the reality of grace and mercy. Christ made himself of no reputation, yet we have ministers who are seeking titles and fame. There are ministers who take tradition and stuff truth into it to try and make the tradition more commonplace.

It’s like trying to steer a ship without the rudder. Eventually, when that ship hits rough waters, someone’s sinking.

Listen, if there is anything to take away from this, it is just to simply be truthful. That means seeking answers, asking questions, and being bold. If you are in a church that lord’s over you with an iron fist, or that keeps you from doing the ministry God has called you to because you aren’t good enough, then it’s not a church; it’s a clubhouse. Truth and accountability, no matter what level of ministry you are in, no matter what step of your faith you are in; it is truth and accountability that ushers in personal growth and personal revival.