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Scrabble: God Edition

Today I found myself in a state of reflection on where I used to be and where God has taken me out of. I feel a lot of times we are afraid to look back on our past, we typically... Continue Reading →


A Couples Look Into: Flesh and Spirit

There's a song that echoes through the halls of mind constantly, and especially repeating itself in the last few days. I know many of the old-schoolers will know it... it begins “I'd rather have Jesus, than silver or gold, I’d... Continue Reading →

The Movie Reel

*Fade in from black *Shot opens on a girl looking out a window as rain pours over it So many times we get caught up in the movie of life, rather then looking deeper into life and the meaning of... Continue Reading →


I often find myself thinking about the places and situations that the apostles found themselves in. To try and comprehend the things they encountered, the words they heard, the experiences they felt could drive us to our knees. Their mindsets... Continue Reading →

I Wonder…

I wonder how often we forget the calling on our lives, the call to ministry and servanthood. It is not to say that we have backslidden and disregard the move of God on our hearts, but rather that we get... Continue Reading →

Sin is Our Sign

It's funny to think that at some point I will be done with my observation hours here in public high school. While I'm just about a quarter of the way through, I am both frightened and shamed in what I... Continue Reading →

Calling Out

In a society so filled with pride and with such a disrespect for morality and values, it is amazing whenever you come across a true Jesus freak. I remember when I was younger I always thought "I never want to... Continue Reading →

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