For many, the Bible has become nothing more than a collectors set of epic fantasies; filled with heroes, villians, romance, betrayal, and the story of light versus dark. At best it is held in our hearts as a classic such as The Lord of the Rings, at worst it is treated as a Choose Your Own Adventure book. Many of us have heard the stories from our youth; David vs. Goliath, Daniel and the Lions Den, the three Hebrew boys in the fire, the birth and death of Jesus… among so many more. Yet our minds have twisted it into nothing more than that of Grimm’s Fairy Tales. Then we have the nerve to wonder why people’s theology gets messed up.

I should really start with this: Tonight I had the privilege of grabbing a cup of coffee with a great friend, Dr. Chris Dunn. We talked about a variety of topics, as always, and this blog is a download of some of that conversation. One of the more notable topics that you would actually care about would be the idea of the Bible becoming more of a source of “required reading” than words that are truly alive. Let’s take a further dive into this matter so I can espresso my opinion.

Scripture teaches us “Your word I have treasured in my heart, That I may not sin against You.” (Psalm 119:11 NASB) With that being said, what happens when we begin treating His Word like a story? Well, we become desensitized and oblivious to the power of the Scriptures. God’s Word is amazing! However, we get so wrapped up in how these stories reflect in the morality of life, and how we can throw ourselves into the story as the hero.

Dr. Dunn made the statement tonight, that we look at stories such as David and Goliath and put ourselves in the shoes of David… the hero of the story. We end up with the story telling us to be like David and overcome Goliath. We should be like David right? He was a man after God’s own heart… That also means we should be adultrous murderers as well then? NO! We are looking at the passages like a story rather than realizing that God is the main character.

God breathed the life into His Word… it is a beautiful thing. It is not the story of men overcoming excessive odds, but rather it is the story of God and His love and grace and how it works in the lives of the children He loves. It is His history book, His future book, His Word written for our lives and application.

As you study this week, remember that His Word is alive, not just a bunch of Words on the page, but fact. The stories are beautiful, because He is a beautiful God… Chase after Him in His Word, realize that He wrote it for you! Be blessed.

In Christ,

Aaron Dowen

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