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Cross My Heart

It is never my goal to offend… though not everyone may agree with that… I just figured it should be said in the beginning. This post is a heartcry, not just a generic “you know what really grinds my gears…”... Continue Reading →


Doctrine Matters, So Does Love

Share in love. If you think you have a revelation, then share it, don't try and push everyone away. Isolation and arrogance leads to cultism no matter if the doctrine is right or wrong. Indeed the first commandment of all... Continue Reading →

The Movie Reel

*Fade in from black *Shot opens on a girl looking out a window as rain pours over it So many times we get caught up in the movie of life, rather then looking deeper into life and the meaning of... Continue Reading →


I often find myself thinking about the places and situations that the apostles found themselves in. To try and comprehend the things they encountered, the words they heard, the experiences they felt could drive us to our knees. Their mindsets... Continue Reading →

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