*Fade in from black

*Shot opens on a girl looking out a window as rain pours over it

So many times we get caught up in the movie of life, rather then looking deeper into life and the meaning of it. We look at our lives and compare them to the lives we see represented in pop culture and wonder why it isn’t a fairy tale. The truth is plainly, life is not a fairy tale, nor should it be. While it is important to have the joy of the Lord, it is also important to experience brokenness, weakness and disarray.

Testimony can be defined as a solemn declaration usually made orally by a witness under oath. Rather than a worldly definition, as a spirit-filled believer, a testimony can be defined as an open profession of overcoming an obstacle by faith. If we never find ourselves broken, if we are never weak then how can God fix us to give us a testimony?

God chose US to minister to each other, so often we forget that our testimony is not just for us, but it is for others. When we neglect sharing our testimony, we forfeit an opportunity to minister and an opportunity someone may have needed to have some wisdom shed on their situation.

So remember, life is not a movie, it is not all fantasy and fairy tales… it is about being an overcomer, and helping others find their testimony through ours.

*Shot closes with the same girl smiling as the sun shines through the window

*Fades to black

In Christ,

Aaron Dowen