I often find myself thinking about the places and situations that the apostles found themselves in. To try and comprehend the things they encountered, the words they heard, the experiences they felt could drive us to our knees. Their mindsets amaze me, as it is virtually unheard of in our society today. They left every city they went to with two options… either go after Christ, or chase them out of the city.

Options… choices… decisions… three of the most unselfish words known to man. We focus so much on forcing our opinions and beliefs that we forget to give a choice, an option, a chance for a decision. One of the reasons we see people walk away from the faith is because they never made that choice in faith… They may have been forced to be in church, whether it be emotionally or subconciously. It fits our human nature so perfectly to pounce on a potential convert, yet that is not what Jesus himself did.

Why then was Jesus’ ministry, and the ministry of the apostles, so effective? In chemistry a catalyst is defined as a substance that initiates a reaction without itself being affected. To become a catalyst for Christ is to say that you can initiate a reaction in another person without getting affected by secularism or worldliness. Jesus never gave the full revelation of salvation and the kingdom of God to a large group of people, but rather would speak in parables, then ask for whoever wanted to know more to follow him.

Why then do we try to force everything onto a person at once? Nature testifies that for something to grow, it first must be a seed. How then could we expect a person to bear the fruit of faith without ever having a seed of faith?

I challenge you to become a catalyst, to send a spark into a soul and see what happens.

In Christ,

Aaron Dowen