It’s funny to think that at some point I will be done with my observation hours here in public high school. While I’m just about a quarter of the way through, I am both frightened and shamed in what I may see in the rest of my time here. I found myself discouraged and hurt to see the amount of disrespect and lack of awareness from the students. I witnessed kids blatantly disregarding a teachers order, I saw them get up and walk around in the middle of class, and I heard as they spoke about different ways to use drugs…

Despite all that I saw and witnessed, I had this question keep nagging me, flooding my mind over and over. “Are these not the ones you are here to witness to?”

I think too many times as Christians we see worldliness and run from it in fear. But if we are filled with His Holy Spirit then what have we to fear? Should we not be ready to witness at a moments notice to anyone who we come in contact with? Why then do we let our surroundings dictate who we witness to? We wait for someone to mention something about the Bible or a church and then we jump into action, however, we neglect the homeless, the broken and desolate, the couple so obviously living in fornication. Our sign is not something of someone mentioning a Bible or making a spiritual reference, our sign is sin.

Let us not forget that we were all once sinners, but God sent someone into our paths to bring truth. He is the light, so he sent the light. We are the light to this earth, we are the city that can not, and must not be hid. So I encourage you guys this week to go out and witness to at least one person you normally would never see yourself witness to, and let’s see the glory of God revealed through the truth of His word.

In Christ,

Aaron Dowen