In a society so filled with pride and with such a disrespect for morality and values, it is amazing whenever you come across a true Jesus freak. I remember when I was younger I always thought “I never want to be labeled as a radical Christian”, but now as I see the way our world has fallen apart, I see the need for an awakening. It is my goal through worship and in my music to show that there is a reason I can sing, shout, and dance before the Lord. I don’t want to ever find myself dried up and complacent in worship, but I want to constantly grow deeper in my faith and in Christ. If the world won’t call out, then let the world know that I am calling out. I am calling out to see a soul saved, a generation restored, a family brought back together, and the broken healed. There is a reason I sing… it is me calling out to my Saviour.

In Christ,

Aaron Dowen